Teenage kicks, Cultural Approaches to Dr Marten Boots

Todays keynote with Cath Davies has definitely been my favourite this year, as I could relate the theme back to my subject area, Textiles. We started off by learning how to identify ‘Cultural Markers’ including; status within periods and cultures, production processes, the role they played at different stages of its career along with connotations that are attributed to the object. Before moving onto looking at the initial brand biography of Dr Martens and how it’s connotations have changed.

The part that I found most beneficial is learning about how Dr Martens company have had to rebrand over the decades since they first launched, as they were originally worn by workers, however it was then adopted by the youth street scenes during the 1960s – worn as an anti fashion statement. Learning about all of these key points in the companies history has made me think about other companies who have had to adapt and change target market to stay successful. Showing that in whatever industry you are in, staying current is key.


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