Group 4

After our group exercise this morning we were then left to join up into smaller groups with students from different subject areas whose previous work we found interesting.

My group is made up of 2 fine artists, a graphic designer and an illustrator and me a textile designer, which I think will be a great mix of different skills and techniques to collaborate together. To get to know each other we spent a bit of time looking in our discipline areas to see each others sketchbooks and final pieces along with studio spaces. I found wandering around the different areas very beneficial, as I haven’t had a proper chance to explore the rest of the art schools facilities.

After our tour we then began to discuss and write down what strengths and weaknesses we’d each bring to the. My strengths being organisation and time management skills, as I like to know when and where I am doing particular tasks, to make sure that things get done before a deadline. A weakness of mine could be not always speaking up straight away in groups, that could also be seen as a strength, as I tend to let others express their ideas and opinions before adding my own.

We then moved onto creating an initial group mind map, of our ideas combining our own previous project themes along with new ideas of things we liked the idea of doing collaboratively. Below is a photo of our mind map, from the start of our idea discussion we all liked the idea of creating a piece that is inspired by Cardiff, looking into identities in the city, the idea of maybe mixing nature with art. However our ideas should begin to progress and develop over the next few days as we look into each idea in-depth.


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