Practise Mural

After our tutorial this morning, as we group we just wanted to get on with a bit of collaborative work so decided to use an available booth in the 4 chimneys to spent a few hours playing around with composition, drawing techniques to see what we were all capable and happy doing. I believe that this group task was a great start to our project as we all just got on with it. Working so freely and on this scale just reminded me of my foundation year, as since specialising to Textiles my work methods have changed slightly as I only tend to up to a A1 scale at the largest as our work tends to be in A3 sketchbooks. This task also have given us quite a few ideas to work from ready to start designing a final layout.


The 2 photos above are my favourite areas of the mural and I hope that we can incorporate the portraits and line drawings into our final mural.


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