Group Mural final idea

After a few days of playing around with different final piece ideas, we decided to go with the idea of making a large-scale Mural, expressing the different types of people in the city, bringing our own styles and techniques together to create our collaborative piece. We will do this by creating our Mural across 5 wooden boards with all of out work linking together across, we even liked the idea of using the river Taff running across the piece to symbolise us as students being connected together and the river also joining us to the city centre from the school. We also want to bring art out the city by taking inspiration from people in the city, range of architecture that has meaning to us, senses and our own personal experiences in Cardiff. So far I am really happy with the groups progress as we have all been motivated and involved which has been great enabling us to get idea and designs sorted out straight away, my only worry being that we have been very ambitious with our ideas for the short space of time that we have, which may lead to us compromising with certain aspects.

So far as a group we have:

  • come together to present our previous work along with a few artists that we like
  • created a large group mural, experimenting with each others techniques
  • taken aspects that we have all interesting from our practise mural to create a few design ideas with a few different layout ideas as a visual representation.

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