Final Digital Ideas

Our final idea is to create a large mural of Cardiff and showing our favourite places across 5 boards, so to try and design the layout we scanned in our own drawings from our sketchbooks. Cara then edited them down using her Graphic skills, to create a couple of rough digital layout ideas.


The first image is a very rough design that we printed out and added colour by hand too, whereas the second is completely digital. Creating design layouts this way has saved us some much time as if we don’t like a building in a particular place we can quickly move it all around or delete it all together. I really like that we have tried to use aspects of our initial group mural as that was quite colourful with buildings layering on top of another. Although I think both of the images above look very overcrowded with no room to add our river which is the part that will combine all 5 boards together.

As a group we have decided to use these digital layouts as a inspiration, but will probably decide the final layout as a group as we start to project and draw images on as we then will be able to decide what scale works for each particular building/ portrait.


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