Mural progression 5

Below are a selection of photos from our mural progression today, ready for our presentation and assessment tomorrow. I am very happy with the groups developments, as we were all very determined to get it all finished. We divided the work up between us all to utilise the remaining time, asking for each others advice throughout. For example, Anna, Sophie and Cara working on the stain glass window, cutting out the acetate and sticking in place, whilst I wrote our quotes onto the river and Mark hunted for supplies. To make our 20 foot mural a success, it has taken all of our skills and connections throughout the School, to bring it all together making all of us equally important in the group. I have spent a great deal of time trying to decide what section I like best on the Mural, yet still can’t decide.

IMG_7165 IMG_7175 IMG_7171 IMG_7150


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