Field Review

Just before the Christmas break, I began to feel a bit apprehensive towards the Field module in Term 2, as I felt as if I’d only just settled into my Textiles group and University life. Although when we returned after the Christmas break I felt quite positive after we’d received our full brief for the term. We began by having a few weeks to work on the ‘City’ project individually, before joining together with fellow textiles students. This gave us the opportunity to combine all of our initial research together, in order to create a small final piece and give us a taste of working collaboratively for a few weeks. This experience was really nice to be able to talk some of the girls, that had previously had been in different workshop groups than me.

We then split off into our multidisciplinary groups throughout the whole of the art school which was scary to begin, but had just been such a rewarding experience. It gave me the chance to mix with students form different subjects bringing the whole school closer together and has just been such an invaluable experience. Throughout the duration of this field module, I have learnt so much about the way I work and where my skills fit into the group. It has also given me the chance to improve my collaborative skills, that I will improve on throughout the rest of my University education ready for the design industry.

I’ve had such a great time getting to know my each member of my group and feel that we’ve bonded so well and will continue speaking to each other. To begin I felt apprehensive about being paired with students, who have poor attendance or who wouldn’t contribute, however i’ve had the opposite experience with my whole group being dedicated our 4 week project. I’d say that is has ended up being my highlight of university experience so far. Each day didn’t feel like a huge task or that I was being forced to meet up, but just felt as if I was meeting with friends. The fact that we got on so well, has really shown through in our work as we have achieved so much, leading to us gaining an ‘Exceptional’ mark for our skills used. We all worked hard to complete all of our group goals, to allow us to create a large piece of work that we will feel proud to have achieved it together. I just feel so lucky that we gelled so well together as a group, as I know from talking to other students that they haven’t had the same positive experience. With members of their groups not turn up or contributing had made the project difficult for them to create a final piece.

Our presentation to the rest of the group also went very well, as we decided to go for a informal style, with all of us just pitching in whenever. This casual way doesn’t always work well, however with us all being comfortable around each other we thought this would be the best way to present and seemed to work well. I am now really looking forward to next years Field module and the opportunities ahead of us.



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