Colour Theory

During todays digital lecture with Lucy, we learnt a bit about Colour Theory. I found the hour lecture interesting as it’s not something that I’ve spent a great deal of time looking into. Lucy began by telling us a few facts about colour, one important one being, that apparently a design only has 3 seconds to capture a customers attention, just proving that colour is such a crucial element that needs to be striking to capture attention.

We also ran through a bit of Colour Terminology:

  • Hue: what the colour is.
  • Chroma: pure colour, lack of white.
  • Saturation: strength or weakness.
  • Value: light or dark.
  • Tone: adding grey to hue.
  • Shade: adding black to hue.
  • Tint: adding white to hue.

We then started to look at different colours and the meanings behind them, for example Blue is quite a calm colour compared to Red which can show anger. I will definitely begin to look into colour and the meanings, as it is just so important when designing as the colours use could target a whole new audience to the one originally intended.

Colour Forecasting is also something I need to keep in mind with further projects to help me design for a trend and is something I can look into on WGSN. Cultural changes are also something to look out for, for example political changes could change a chosen colour trend in a country that may still be popular in another.


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