Art Gallery Fabrics – Playing Pop 2015

The two prints below are from the 2015 range ‘Playing Pop’ from the Art Gallery Fabrics website. I was instantly drawn to the randomness of the first print, as I just like how the triangles have been layered on top of each other. Having a few of the triangles with lines coming off each are also a key points in the design that I like.


The print below as also captured my attention, as I just love the miss print of the linear circles. When I used to think of designing Textiles prints, I’d alway of straight lines with every motif being measured to the exact point. However that really isn’t the case, I’ve come to love miss prints with shapes having unequal spaces between them. As it really gives a print that hand finished feel, which is so nice to see as there is so much digital print these days. I would like to use the miss placed print feel, in my final collection. Although I really need to play around with my prints placement to see if this could work for me.



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