Digital Workshop – Quick Photoshop Repeat Prints

After being taught how to create quick photoshop repeats, I have spent a bit of time practicing with different motifs to have a play around using backgrounds and using multiple colours. I have tried to link a couple of my repeat prints with my Term 1 Subject work based initially at Llandaff Cathedral, as for our current project we have been asked to link some of our previous work. This has been great as it has made me more prepared to rework my originals with my new project theme. I have also had a go at reworking an Art Deco image that I found whilst doing some research into my ‘Reevaluate’ theme, as I am playing on reworking old styles to create a new blockier style in my vibrant colour palette.Β I will hopefully be having all of these prints digitally printed out next week.

IMG_8096Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 23.25.26


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