Art Board Progression

Learning how to create Art Boards on Illustrator has just been so beneficial, as it has allowed me to quickly and effectively develop my ideas. Having the multi board option has really helped my progression and is something that I will definitely be using whenever possible. Below are a selection of screenshots from  few of the 12 Art Boards, that I have created so far.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.28.28

Overall I am very happy with how my work is progressing towards creating my final ‘reevaluate’ collection. To create my Art boards, I began by scanning in images from my Term 1 subject sketchbook filled with sketches from our visits to Llandaff Cathedral before Christmas. After choosing the sketches that I wanted to develop further, I then quickly began to draw over using the pen tool to create vector shapes/ live tracing. I particularly like how you can easily layer and repeat shapes on top of each other to create patterns in illustrator, as I have found it so much easier than organising layers in Photoshop. My next task is to now pick out my favourite motifs, in order to pay around with scale ready to create my repeat designs.


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