‘Reevaluate’ Final Collection

Throughout this past week, I have spent a great deal of time trying to decide what final patterns I’d like to include in my final collection and overall I am very happy with the way which they have turned out. As I was slightly worried to begin as I have used a varied selection of imagery to create my final prints that are all quite different to each other, but I think they all are tied together by my colour palette. I can imagine my final patterns, as wallpapers or printed onto fabric to be used as upholstery as I think they’ve got a quite fun, contemporary feel to them.


I have tried to use as many of my favourite drawings from my Term 1 sketchbook, as inspiration as they have given me such a great starting point for me to progress from. Being able to vector draw over the top of my originals has been a great tool and has enabled me to rework original shapes. The pattern above was originally a drawing of leaves from outside Llandaff Cathedral, however I have recreated my linear drawing by using my block colour palette. Yet I have layered the leaves to go with my theme.


The print above was inspired by a section of the ceiling at that cathedral, that I have reworked again and again in Illustrator. I then decided to create the layered block coloured shape, influenced by Art Deco shapes.


The 2 prints above are both inspired by the cathedral windows, I had so much fun creating these prints in particular and I created so many other versions and struggled to choose my 2 favourite.


Above are my 2 Photoshop final repeats, once again inspired by my Cathedral visit, however they are both slightly different to my other 4 finals as they are re-works of my originals recreated in by exactly tracing over the top. I have then coloured them in a block bright coloured sections before repeating them using the define as a pattern tool. Looking at these prints now I’d say the only think I’d change is the black blocked areas no the left hand prints as it looks quite harsh next to the other 5 prints.


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