Subject Term 3 – PDP

This terms Digital project in my opinion, has just been so valuable as a developing textiles designer. It has given me the chance to learn/improve skills that I can work on over the next 2 years, in order to help me design professionally at industry level standards. Prior to this terms digital module I have learnt a few new printing techniques during term 1, however I have felt as if I’ve just been repeating a few of the same techniques that I’ve done previously during my A Levels and Foundation. Which has been great to go over and practise, I just feel as if I’ve learnt so much this term that has really kept me focused and ready to try new tools on both Photoshop and Illustrator programmes to improve.Β Steve’s 12 digital workshop sessions have just been great, refreshing my memory of Photoshop and Illustrator, as I haven’t used them this intensely since my Textiles and Graphics A Levels.

Looking back through my work from this term, I am actually shocked at the amount I have learnt and created in such a short space of time and having not used the programmes for so long. I did feel like a beginner to start, although Steve’s tasks for each session not only refreshed my memory but have really pushed me to use new tools that I previously didn’t know how to use.

Lucy’s digital lectures each week have also been so essential in our design process, as Lucy has taught us so many steps to consider whilst designing our final collection. I like the way Lucy taught this whilst telling us about her successful business and the steps she took to create her designs.

Overall I am really happy with how my final collection has turned out, as I feel as if I’ve met all of the points that I wanted to for my ‘Re Evaluate’ theme. I love my chosen colour theme as it’s a bit wacky compared to others that I’ve used before. I’ve used the Llandaff cathedral visit from the start of the year as my main inspiration, taking small shapes from the my drawings and repeating them combining my Term 1 and 2 work together. I could have easily created more than 6 final prints, which has definitely got me excited about undertaking a large project later on in the course.

This project has most definitely got me looking forward to the projects a head of me next year and about playing around with the programmes over the summer. To remember all of the skills i’ve learn so that I’m planning on using Photoshop & Illustrator as much as possible over the summer so that I’m ready to use it again when we return back.


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