YEAR 2 / Self-Assessment


Over summer break I have spent a great deal of time reflecting back not only from my work completed in my first year at University, but also from my Art & Design foundation exploration year. This has been so helpful is seeing what my main strengths, weaknesses are in Textiles, along with areas that I want to spend more time developing and improving. Some of my favourite creative experiences to date are from our weekly technical stitch, dye and print workshops as they have given me the chance to explore different ideas with the guidance of staff to help my enhance processes. I don’t think I could pick technical method in particular, as I love the idea of combining stitch onto hand and digital print to add texture and depth to a design.

To begin this years project I have spent a great deal of time researching into a wide range of designers from different areas of the Textiles Market, from the Fashion Industry, to the Interior Industry to finally to the Stationery and other paper-based industries. Designing for the Fashion Industry is something that I’m still undecided about, as during my creative foundation year I designed patterns mainly for fashion. It was great practise as it meant that I spent a great deal of time looking into different fashion designers and how they all place pattern differently on garments. However, trends are changing all the time so this market in particular is very competitive, as there are new collections coming out every season of the year.

After deliberating for a while about what area of Textile Design I wanted to focus on this term, I finally made the decision to focus on Interiors in particular for the Domestic market. I was initially torn between Interiors along side the Stationery & Gift-wrap market, as they are areas that I find most inspiring, however I finally chose interiors, as it isn’t an area I have spent time designing for and thought it would be great fun and practice to be guided by the Textiles staff. The in-depth research element of this project that we have completed so far for ‘Making Connections’ brief has been so beneficial, as it has allowed me to search for designers/companies that I find inspirational and aspire to work in similar ways to. During my search, larger iconic companies have inspired me from Sanderson, Designers Guild, and Cole & Son to smaller companies such as Voyage and Dear Human. A few small designers whose companies specialise in Illustration and Pattern design sold as prints have also influenced me. I want to design for the young professional women’s market, from about 25 years old onwards.

I am really looking forward to continuing on with this project this term and into writing the hypothetical brief for myself from a company of my choice, ready to return back to it in February. I will most probably take inspiration from my Field projects to both Rajasthan and Morocco, along side trend forecasting websites such as WSGN.Se


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