Rebecca Atwood is a Brooklyn based designer and artist, who values and believes in the process of making. Her original collection focuses on the artistic approach by using traditional textile techniques and hand printing to create a range of products that are both simple and luxurious. Each of the designs has a personal story from her everyday life in New York, to her experiences growing up. At Rebecca Atwood designs they focus on the process of making by, drawing, painting, collecting inspiration, making collages, creating swatches and testing colours to get the perfect look. Unlike other designers in a digital work every design begins in a sketchbook and is the result of a creative hand done process.

Hand dyeing is an important part of the collection using the best dyes to produce brighter, richer colours that will last your years as well as be better on the environment using less toxic substances that could be better than natural dyes, as they don’t require land to grow dyestuff and typically require less water during rinsing. You can see that each process has been thought out to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, however this does reflect slightly in the price, as her products are at the higher end of affordable. To support independent printers she uses a family run screen-printing US business founded in 1937. That operates a mill that uses eco-friendly materials, methods and disposal. I love her simplistic style and the backgrounds she creates. This is something that I’d definitely like to take aspects of, as inspiration when creating my own collection.

rebecca atwood 2 rebecca atwood


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