Helen Dardik is a surface designer who moved to Canada and began study graphic design and at the same time fell in love with illustration. After working as a Graphic Designer for 2 years then a production artist for an animated series for 6 years, she then chose to focus her time on illustration.

Her illustrative style is very different to my usual style, using digital methods to not only creative her designs but to print them. Whereas my style a bit more hand rendered, although this term I’m looking to work a bit more digitally, to stay up to date and employable with the current digital design world. The designs that I have printed out are my favourite; I was drawn to the repeat prints and bright use of colour. Helen tends do commissioned work for companies but also sells her prints on the Etsy page. Her website doesn’t state whether or not she uses environmentally friendly paper or inks, just that she uses a high quality.

helen dardik - pattern

helen dardik – pattern

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.32.30


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