Hypothetical Brief – Context/Market/Client

After carrying out my initial research into a range of companies and designers, I came to the conclusion that I’d like my target market to be Young Profession women, with an age range of about 25-35 years old. I have chosen this area of the market, as it’s a time when women have a good amount of disposable income after working to build up there careers before maybe settling down with a partner or committing to buying a properly. It also means that my collection doesn’t have to be at the cheaper end of the market but can still remain affordable to a mass market as well as having a few more expensive products.

The company that I will be designing for is Caitlin Wilson Textiles; a US based growing company creating textiles that are not only versatile, but also sophisticated and affordable. Her collections are created with easy pairing in mind, mixing both block geometrics patterns with classical floral prints together. One of the main ranges is based primarily on the print itself rather than the item, for example her pillow range features just one type of pillow, which is used for all of the prints. However there is a gap in her current designs for a collection that mixes traditional hand print/stitch techniques together with digital methods. Along side a few more complex prints to add a full range depending on the customers preference; simplistic or busy, or even a mixture. Scale is also something that can be experimented with, as well as mixing block shapes and hand draw images into a final print.


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