Hypothetical Brief – Specific Project Objectives

My objectives for the project are to explore and carry out in depth research into the interior design market. I will be looking into the targeted a market of young professional women with an age range of thoroughly 25-35 years old. Designing in particular for the domestic market area of interiors.

To kick start my research into my chosen market area I will use a few online websites to help me carry out my research into upcoming trends, including WGSN, a popular and industry used trend forecasting website, to help me be informed of style and colour trends for Autumn/Winter 2016-17. After this initial research into my market and trends I will then put together 4 mood boards, covering my client profile, my competitors, concept/theme as well as my colour palette.

Throughout this project I hope to produce a large body of work including, a range of primary photographs and sketches, experimenting with a range of techniques and styles, as appropriate for my young professional market. I will creatively develop my ideas by selecting key images from my primary research using specialist methods from drawing to expressive mark making, to digital methods of design/print mixed with hand rendered stitch techniques to digital stitch. I will produce a selection of samples and designs on a range of carefully chosen substrates, which may include a variety of fabrics, heavy-duty wallpaper paper and even on wood, plastic or metal depending on where my research takes me. I would also like to improve my technical processes by hopefully incorporating laser cutting, etchings along side print, stitch, along side decorative embroidery skills to a growing professional standard. I’d like my final collection to demonstrate alternative colour way designs, accurately repeating pattern designs, in co-ordinating design groups. I will be illustrating and presenting some of my selected designs for my interiors collection as CAD visuals.


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