Term 1 – Self Reflection

This first term back at University has been vital in refreshing myself with important techniques from last year, as well as teaching me professional methods of research and idea development. These last 6 weeks have flown by so quickly and have been filled with beneficial lectures, to improve our professional development as designers. It has been very different to last years working methods and you can see the step up in expectations from level 4 to 5.

Our weekly workshops in both stitch and print have been so helpful and I only wish that we could have more. Maggie and Steve have been such a great help and have allowed us to work more independently compared to our sessions last year, which were more structured. I have thoroughly enjoyed each workshop and have worked hard to make the most out of each session. After trying new techniques I am really looking forward to improving these even further and using aspects in my 2 field modules; Rajasthan and Morocco, as well as when we return back to subject in February.

On the whole I found most tasks set for us to be very relevant however, there were a few that I found quite tedious when more time could have been spent on other things. After spending a great deal of time deliberating which market area of textiles I’d like to focus on this year, I went with domestic interiors. I ended up with 3 designers/companies that I found most relevant to my chosen target market and trend, these being Voyage, Katharine Watson an Artist/Printmaker and finally Caitlin Wilson Textiles. After picking our final 3 we were asked to include them in our pecha kucha. I find the presentations so valuable in my development as a designer and I was really happy with how my presentation went. Although I did have a moment when I paused between a slide, nevertheless with a bit more practice each time we present I can feel my confidence growing.

In the end I decided to choose Caitlin Wilson as my company that I will be designing for and I am very happy with my final choice. Her company has a great gap in the collections, for me to use a few different techniques to create a design. Nonetheless I plan on taking inspiration from other two in particular Katharine Watson, who’s lino block printed methods are something that I’d like to experiment with along side using more refined/ well practised methods. I am really looking forward to progressing onto my field choices, and feel that I will return back to subject in February as a more confident designer ready to explore and experiment with a range of ideas.


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