Rajasthan Trip – Week 1

Day 5. After a few busy days, today we all met up a bit later and went in our first tuc tuc’s of the trip and headed to the Spice Market and Babu Bazar a popular shopping area of the city. After a few hours shopping and exploring the area we then headed back to the hotel for tutorials and to do some sketching in the garden. Later on this evening, a few of us went to the Anokhi shop which sells a wide variety of handprinted products from clothing, home wear to accessories and so reasonable compared to shops at home.


Day 6. Today was our last full day in Jaipur with a full itinerary of things to visit before we catch the train to Udaipur. We started off by visiting the Jantar Mantar a 17th century stone Observatory.


We then headed to Jaipur City Palace, IΒ really enjoyed wondering around the section of the grounds that were open to the public as they were full with some many lavish details. In the grounds are a few museums/galleries open, showcasing different royal items. My favourite being the textile and costume section. Inside the grounds there is also a hall, which is home to a selection of artists all appointed by the royal family. Who demonstrate there skills to tourists, with the opportunity to purchase. We were lucky enough to be given a miniature drawing tutorial which was incredible, seeing the skill and time that goes into each piece.


After a few hours at the place we then heading to our final stop of the day, the Albert Museum. That really reminded me of the V&A museum in London and was quite similar in design, with each room having a theme filled with cabinets of artefacts. I really enjoyed wondering around the museum and was really impressed with the architecture and attention to detail inside. For example archways were just so ornate and detailed.



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