Rajasthan Reflection

This field module over the last 5 weeks by has been just be amazing for me not just academically, by allowing me to experience a different culture and inspire me to want to try new things. But also by giving me the opportunity to get to know other students from across the art school. Having visited India before I was interested to see what my reactions would be like to the culture and busyness of the city after revisiting for the second time, however I was completely overwhelmed by it all over again. I was just so impressed by everything from the vibrant colours, to the smells, hectic traffic, people and importantly the different patterns everywhere. It was also great to visit with a academic purpose to study and observe there way of life ready to work on when returning back to Cardiff, compared to my last visit which was just a holiday to visit the sights. I’ve been lucky over the years to travel to quite a few countries all over the world and I try not to take any opportunity for granted. I can honestly say that this has been one of my favourite trips to date! I think the mix of sightseeing, workshops and free time was perfect for me, and was the right balance to keep everyone entertained. Everyday was so much fun and filled with so many new experiences that, I just didn’t want to come home at the end of the trip.

Our first day in Jaipur visiting the Amber area, has to be one of my favourite days ever and was such a great introduction to Rajasthan after the long journey from Cardiff. I enjoyed every moment from the jeep trip up to the Amber Fort, exploring the various courtyards and rooms inside and even getting the meet Indian people was interesting and seeing there reactions to our large group. Our next stop was to the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing was just incredible and so relevant to my studies and development as a textile designer. The galleries of different print and processes along with the live demonstrations are something that I will always find inspirational. Getting the see the time and skill that goes into hand carved wooden blocks and into hand printing was so refreshing. As a large majority of prints at home are usually digitally printed for the mass market. Visiting the Step well and Temple next to the museum was such a great end to the day and is somewhere that I’d like to go back and visit in the future.

Since returning home from India, I have had the chance to reflect on the trip and sort through all of my photographs and sketches to decide what I want to develop and use towards my final outcome. After my tutorial with Olivia last week and carrying out a bit more research, I have finally decided a theme for an outcome that I am happy will reflect my cultural experience. My plan is to look into my cultural journeys that I have experienced whilst on the trip. Using my map routes along with sketches that I have drawn along the way. I like the idea of layering print and stitch over each other. I feel as if time has flown by since we returned home, so I haven’t had the opportunity to carry out all of my experiments that I would have liked to before Christmas. However I have completed a large chunk of my research and am ready to work on my project properly over the Christmas break.


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