Field Module 2 – Global Collaborations

My Current understanding of Material Culture and Values

After this mornings lecture about our field module Global Collaborations, I have become very excited about the brief and the forthcoming trip to Marrakech this Friday! Since returning back from Rajasthan at the end of last term, I have become fascinated at how surroundings can influence your work. Over the last year I have been lucky enough to travel to a few different countries, and experience different cultures, that will hopefully inspire my work for a long time to come. I love to spend time wondering around a new places, walking out of the main tourist areas to see what day to day like is for people, compared to my life in the UK.

Material Culture are the physical objects, resources and spaces that people us to define there culture. Which includes a large list of things from schools, to churches, plants, homes and neighbourhoods to name a few. It’s almost something that makes there way of life different to someone else’s. For example in Udaipur, India, some of the cities Material Culture could be the main city palace, as it’s unique compared to other palaces.

ValuesΒ can either be definite asΒ something of importance or of worth to us, or can be principles of behaviour.



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