Morocco – Post Trip Reflection

My new understanding of Material Culture and Values

Since returning home from Morocco my understanding of material culture and values has changed quite a bit since before our field trip to Marrakesh, as you can have your own thoughts on whats important to yourself, however its very interesting to spend time looking at what things define their culture for them. For example all of the mosques around the city, souks, Jemaa el Fna just to name a few.

Having been to Marrakesh before, I have had the chance to experience the famous Jemaa el Fna Square along with the busy Souks. However on this second trip, I had the chance to look experience the historic city all over again, but this time with a brief and things to look out for that could help me with my project. Marrakech is such a vibrant city taking inspiration from a range of places from Africa, to the Mediterranean along with Islam.

Being able to plan our own trip agenda was also great, as it gave us the freedom to plan trips to relevant sites. Allowing us to spend as long as we’d like at each place to explore and even have the chance to draw. One of my favourite places I visited was the Ben Youssef Medrasa, which was an old Islamic college in the old Medina area of the city. The college is filled with vibrant inscriptions and geometric tiles.

Whilst we were away Alexandros talking about surrendering and not planning the whole day hour by hour, and just seeing where the streets take you. Having the time to roam around the city was just great, as we came across so many different side streets with decorative arches that you just wouldn’t see if you followed a map the whole time. I have really loved this field experience and most definitely inspire my work when back in Textiles.


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