Morocco – Concept Development

After todays tutorial with Helen, I have changed my final outcome idea from creating very textural knitted squares which I was going to embroider into, to not only incorporate the busy bright colours of the City through knit, but to then add the Islamic geometric shapes over the top. Below is a photo showing my 2 knitted samples. However we just didn’t feel that this method would be that effective, so in my sketch book I then created a mood board page full of my key inspirations to then work on a new idea.

My new concept is to play around with my existing geometric illustrations from the trip, but to initially photocopy and play around with the scale before cutting them up and swapping different sections around. Below is a quick example showing a potential final outcome idea. To now continue on with my development I need to spend a bit of time doing some artist research into different stitching methods, ready to experiment in the Stitch workshop.


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