Morocco – Artist Research 2

After a few days of experimenting with different stitch techniques, I have now started to think about what my final outcome will be and how I’ll will exhibit my work come May when we have our work finally assessed. Whilst searching on Pinterest for Moroccan textiles I came across a few different contemporary designers, which led my search on further to quilting techniques. Below are my two favourite designers, with the blanket on the left being designed and hand made by Lacasadecoto a Spanish design company who are heavily influenced by North African crafts and lifestyle. Having lived in Morocco for several years, Montse the owner creates different interior pieces from her home workshop. I absolutely love to use bright colours in my work and this module has really given me the chance to go wild.

The piece on the right was made by Denyse Schmidt, I was drawn to the block triangles and randomness of the coloured areas. Quilting is not something that I have spent much time doing at all, but I think it would work well to combine my broken geometric patterns with areas of block colour from my chosen colour palette. Over the next few days, my plan is to have a go at some quilting in the stitch workshop to get an idea of different scales and shapes that can be made.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 15.09.47.png


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