Making Connections 2 – Workshop 1

First Workshop Back

After Tuesdays first session back in the studio, I was really looking forward to todays first workshop back. We were given the choice of either stitch or dye/print, so I decided to go with Steve’s dye/print, as I have already been to Maggie’s fabric manipulation demonstration last year. Β I was unsure of what I wanted to do in the session, so initially started to play around with the dye baths using procion dyes in blue and yellow. However the colours didn’t take to the fabric as well as I’d hoped and only went to light shades, whereas I was aiming for a more vibrant tone. Next time I would like to experiment with a different type to try and get the bold colours I’m after.

Whilst my fabric samples were in the dye baths, I starting talking to our print technician Steve about different printing methods I could use in my initial experiments and he recommended having a go at Lino Cutting. Which is something that I haven’t done properly since A-level, however I am really interested in, as for Christmas I got a Lino Cutting starter pack. I just love the lines and textures that can be easily created, that I could then digitise in photoshop or illustrator. Below are a few photos showing my 2 soft Linos that I finished and have began to start printing from.

My 2 inspirations for these prints, were from my trip to Amsterdam back in the Summer last year. Creating my Linos from my sketchbook drawings from architecture to nature. Over the next few days my plan is to play around with my prints on paper before scanning into illustrator.


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