Making Connection Part 2 – Different Types of Textile Design

Studio Day – Different types of Textile Design

During todays studio day Helen was teaching us all about different types of Textile Design and what can inspire a collection. I found the exercise very relevant to where I am currently in the design process, which is trying out new methods of recreating my favourite illustrations. The designs to the left are by Wendy Kendall a Surface Designer who I found whilst searching for lingerie florals, I really like the simplistic placement of each design and the use of tints and shades. This is something that I’d really like to play around with in my interior collection, using 4 or 5 key colours.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 23.16.54

Lino Printing is also something that I really want to use in my work, as I just love rough look that it gives a print. However it’s something that I need to practise to get the design cut out well. Whilst looking online for different techniques I came across 2 Lino printers, the first on the left being Angie Lewin, her Lino cuts are just so interesting with so many layers with thin detailed lines. This may be a bit ambitious for me as I’m only a beginner, however the complicity is something to work towards in my spare time. The second printer on the right being Andrea Lauren. I was instantly drawn the the simplicity of her prints as it is just 2 Lino’s repeating and is definitely something that I could work towards.

Below are some images showing my research into different types of design, I really enjoyed researching into each type, as it will be a great reference to keep in my research folder and look back on. I especially liked finding the relevant designers/companies that produce each of the 11 types.


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