Making Connections 2 – Workshop 3

Today’s workshop session wasn’t as productive as I had hoped purely because it took so long for me to wash, coat and expose my screen. In the end I only had the chance to test print a couple of designs ready for my next workshop, an example photo of my Lino Cut Tulip screen print is below.

Although whilst waiting I finally had the chance to narrow down my colour palette. The colour palette for the trend ‘Off Beat’ was very bright using bold block colours. Luckily I love to work using bright colours, however it left me with a very broad choice that needed cutting down by a few colours. Below’s images show my original palette to the left including some different colour palette alternatives, as well as my chosen colours to the right. The addition of white is something that was very important as I’m using so much colour and I feel like I need to break it up using the white. My plan is also to do some foiling in my designs to add a focal point, so that will either be in silver or gold depending on whats available in the print room. My chosen company that my working for Caitlin Wilson Textiles, and she uses metallics to break up bright colours and I will be in keeping with her style of designs.


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