Making Connections 2 – Workshop 4 (Extra Session)

After last Thursday’s unproductive session I felt really behind on my sampling and print development, so I spoke to Steve and he agreed to let me come in on the 3rd years workshop day. We were allowed in as long as we worked independently, so he could focus his time on them. Having the extra time in the workshop has really helped me to make up lost time and finally get a substantial amount of sampling done. Overall I am really happy with the amount of work that I have achieved today, and have had the time to reflect on my 4 favourite samples as pictured below. For next weeks final Thursday workshop, I’d like to play around with the scale of my prints, as well as the different layouts that I print them in. I’d also like to have a go at just pulling the colour through a blank screen to creative a coloured background yo then print over the top of, to add a bit more vary to my designs. I also need to play around on Illustrator further to develop my digital prints.



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