Making Connections 2 – Workshop 5

After coming in yesterday to blast off and pre-coat my screen, I first began by exposing my screen with my new designs. However as I began to clean the screen of i started to notice sections that hadn’t exposed properly and blasted off. A couple of the girls also noticed that this has happened to their screens also, so we presumed that it was either to do with the exposure unit or the formula that we use to coat the machine isn’t working properly. So we decided to just try and print using the screen and the try and tape up areas that were most effected.

The photos below show my initial prints and you can see where areas have come out in slightly different shades. However on a positive note, I actually liked how the repeat of my Amsterdam buildings to the right have come out and I think that it can be worked to be a final design, by manipulating in Stitch. The only print that has come out really well is my repeating tulip patterns and I am quite happy with these.

During my Tutorial yesterday with Sally we discussed the idea of creating interesting backgrounds for me to print my designs on top to give them a bit more life. So for my 6 Digital designs between printing and letting my screen dry, I began to play around with Inks to see if i could create an somethings that I can scan in and manipulate. This is something that I will continue to play around with on Illustrator tonight and over the weekend before I get my Designs printed out ready to mount up. My main concern about this is that all of my designs won’t match up well together so a bit of time needs to be spent to make sure that they work as a full collection.


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