Creating Your Future – Melaneia Warwick

Recently I was given the opportunity to represent the Textiles degree to be involved with a scheme called ‘Creating Your Future’. That’s aim is to visit colleges around the southeast Wales area to promote higher education and Cardiff School of Art & Design. I am very honoured to be picked and to be able to represent the University as it is for such a worthwhile cause. Our role as workshop deliverer, involves creating a 2 hour workshop that can be advertised out to colleges for them to sign up for. We then have to go along and run our planned workshop to a group of 16-18 year olds. The process so far has been great as it’s allowed me mix with students at all levels across the Art School to learn about the differences in courses, but also has taught me so much about the way I learn and how others need to be taught.

Todays 2 hour session with Melaneia Warwick, focused on how we as students can use our own experiences volunteering with different organisations. In my case Girl Guiding to influence us as deliverers. The whole workshop was aimed at showing us how to deliver to a group and how to make everything we say meaningful, as well as different waysΒ to get the whole group involved with our tasks. We also focused a bit on our presentation skills, and important things to remember such as:

  • The importance of projecting of our voices in the room to make sure that everyone is able to hear and join in.
  • How silence can be a great tool to quieten down a room.
  • Asking the group key questions throughout and finding out what they are/aren’t enjoying, as well as how much longer people may need on a task.
  • How we need to be aware of our class and surroundings and present to the room, rather than the back wall to see everyones faces and reactions.
  • Need to remember to remain reflexible, as some tasks could run over not leaving enough time. A key thing could be to prompt and tell the group how much time we have left on a task. (countdown)
  • To most importantly remembering that our aim is to lead the group through the workshop and not to just expect that everyone knows what they are doing throughout the duration.

Melaneia also taught us a lot about the importance of remembering that everyone has a different learning style and gave us a quiz to find out our own. To be aware that not everyone will learn in our workshops the same way, so we will need to use different teaching techniques to include everyone in the class and not isolate anyone because they don’t understand.

After our 2 hour session with Melaneia, we were then given another talk by a Fine Art lecturer about Portfolios and what the universities general requirements are, along with how they my differ course to course. This was a really interesting talk as it allowed me to learn so much about the different portfolio and interview methods that are in place across the school. Just hearing about the different levels of work required was interesting. At the end of the lecture we were then given the homework to in our subject areas to put together 5 digital images. These are to showcase the level/ presentation of work required for each of the disciplines, for us all to get an understanding and see the differences. Our next meeting is next Friday, where we will be continuing on with presentation, workshop planning and portfolio tasks ready for potential subject bookings, in the next few weeks.


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