Professional Practise Talk – Theo Humphries

Today’s professional practise was with head of Product Design degree at CSAD, Theo Humphries discussing his side project called Crapestry. I found the talk great, as I was just fascinated by the concepts behind the tapestries that Theo has been making over the last 10 years. He starts by buying a Vervaco tapestry kit and then changes the design using photoshop before painting the design on the printed fabric and starting the stitching.  For example he takes tapestry kits of cats and dogs and then added cigarettes coming out of their mouths. The humour hilarious and they are just so different from anything I’ve seen before and the quality is just great. The talk made me realise that if you’re passionate about something you can make it happen, as Theo started these stitches as a relaxing hobby to do after a long day at work. Not expecting for them to get much attention or even be sold.


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