Studio Lecture – Fashion Revolution Week

To start today’s session in the studio we, began by listening to a discussion on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, focusing on Fashion Revolution Week. The show aims to bring an awareness and interest to the listeners about who and where are their clothes being made, around the 3 year anniversary since the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh. The show really did get me thinking about the journey that my clothes that I am wearing today have made to get to the UK. For instance my t-shirt that was made in a factory in Bulgaria to my denim pinafore that was made in Bangladesh and the differences in working conditions, wages and homes of these workers. A lot of people are just so unaware of the workers conditions and get too wrapped up in the prices and brands. However the programme did suggest, that even some items from a cheaper high street brand to a more expensive could be made in the same factories. Essentially saying that we are just paying for the brand rather than a higher quality that we expect in some cases. The show were promoting a #whomademyclothes campaign were people send a photo of their garment labels, to companies to ask them directly which factory in what part of the country. In order to raise awareness and to get the companies to react and see that people really do care about where our clothes are made. The Fashion & Textiles industry not only in Asia but in Europe is a topic that I am very interested in and want to learn more about as a Textile designer. As if us, a new generation of designers are unaware then change will never happen. As the poorest people, have no choice but to work in these large factories for such low wages, fuelling the industry. The women also discussed M&S’s Plan A scheme which looks at the sustainability of there supply chains to secure the future for workers and the store. This is a project that I’d like to look into, in more detail to really see how companies are trying to make a change.


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