Studio Lecture – ‘The shirt on your back’ 

During today’s studio session we were shown a interactive video on the Guardian website, called The shirt on your back’. Which was made to commemorate the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapsed. The Rana Plaza disaster happened on the 24th April 2013 and killed around 1,130 people and injured many. It was a eye opener to the world, about the poor working conditions that people are facing not just in Dhaka, Bangladesh but also in China along with many other countries. The factory employed over 2000 people over the 8 compacted factory floors, whose hourly, daily and weekly quoters are just shocking. Throughout the video we were following the stories of a half a dozen different people who worked at the factory and their personal stories. The video is such a really eye opener to a world that everyone buys into one way or another in the Western world, but doesn’t know much about where, how and who is making our garments and for what price. As a Textiles student environmental and ethical impacts are so important to the sustainability of the trade and it’s workers right across the globe. I think the video really hit home with a lot of people including myself about where and how much we spend on our clothes and if the workers are getting a fair wage. In western culture in particular we tend to believe that the more we spend on a product the better the quality and wages to employees are however that might not always be the case. This is leaving may people like myself feeling guilty for buying into fast fashion and buying cheaper products to save money. Today’s lecture has really got my interested into learning more about the growing and struggling Fashion & Textiles industry and it’s fight to produce for a growing world population, as well as investing in the education of the workers.


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