Formative Feedback Tutorial

To end todays studio session, I had a tutorial with Sally about formative feedback from the end of last term. Overall I was really happy with the grades and comments that I received, however I still wanted to improve on certain parts of the project and wanted a bit of guidance. We decided on a few actions for me to complete over the forthcoming weeks which included:

  • Learn how to do a CAD Visual properly and find a interior scene that I can photoshop my designs onto.
  • Complete 2 professional standard hand-rendered Croquis’.
  • Further 3 of my final designs in the workshops (Add stitch, foil. Maybe create a border design? Have an experiment with using one of my paler colours, to then enhance using a bold colour?)

I also had to opportunity to discuss my Rajasthan and Morocco projects with Sally and what is still to be completed over the next few weeks. This was a really great help as it allowed me to refresh myself with the projects and get a few more designers to be influenced from.


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