Updated Rajasthan Project

Return to Field – 20/04/2016

Since returning back from Easter and having handed in a bulk of my subject work and completed dissertation proposal, I now have the time to revisit my previous Field projects. After a few months away from the projects and my sketchbooks, it has been great to have the time to look through my work. Especially to see areas that I am really happy with, along with areas that I really want to spent time developing and finishing. After receiving my formative feedback recently, it has also been so helpful and refreshing to see the comments that were left for me. My feedback comments have given me a lot of direction for the forthcoming weeks and I am looking forward to working revisiting the project as India is one of my favourite places. My comments were for me to think about using:

  • Abstract mark making techniques
  • Making one long wall hanging rather than a few separate ones.
  • Take inspiration from found things that I’ve collected whilst on the trip.
  • Develop my colour palette from photographs and sketchbooks I have collected.
  • Experiments with different ways of hanging my final piece to show shadow.
  • Continue further with my artist research into wall hanging artists and designers who use similar techniques to what I have chosen.

Below are a few of my favourite sketchbook illustrations that I drew whilst in India and shortly after arriving home. My final outcome, is based around the idea of journeys and the journeys that I experienced whilst I was in Rajasthan.


Over the last day I have spent a bit of time looking through my sketchbook to see what artist research and experiments I had completed. Reflecting back I am still happy with the artists that I have researched and think they are still relevant as you can see from the images below. However they are all in stitch, so it might be nice to incorporate some print as this was widely using in the region that we visited on the trip.

During the project and during the Christmas holidays, I began experimenting with different techniques that I could use in my final. The included lino printing to hand embroidery examples. Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to finalise my concept and further my artist research.


Before christmas when we presented out work to date before our formative assessment point. My concept was the develop a wall hanging featuring one of my favourite days in Rajasthan to show my journey and the different things I saw throughout the day. Recreating it across a wall-hanging using a range of hand-printing and embroidery skills, that are also used across the region. I still really like the idea of continuing with this concept, however I need to spent a bit more time carrying out some artist research to see how I could go about texturising my illustrations and ideas. I really need to decide what day was most influential to myself and the message that I want the hanging to give.

ARTIST RESEARCH – 24/04/2016

Today I have started to do a bit more artist research into my wall hanging and different sewing techniques that I can use. As I am still undecided about what it will include and the journey that I would like to make my hanging about. I’m hoping that seeing existing work and the layouts and techniques used will spark some ideas off.

The image to the left was created by textile artist ‘Tsurubride‘, I really like the double exposure look that has been created through stitch. I like the idea of incorporating something like this into my own wall hanging, as during some days we’d see the same thing repeated again and again. This could be anything from a popular motif to a particular sign, which i could repeat and layer across my hanging through print or stitch. The image to the right is by ‘Hoooooopla‘, I really like the combination of the printed background with thick decorative stitch over the top as it brings together 2 very popular techniques that are widely used across India, that are also of great interest to me. My original idea was for the background to be rather plain, however the patterns between the flowers really work well to bring the whole imagine together. This method would also be very time effective, as I could draw out my full design and then transfer it onto a screen to screen print with and then just enhance through hand embroidery in key areas to add colour.

Below are 2 more artists that have also been of great inspiration to me from the minimal landscape embroidery on the left with the coloured threads hanging down by Teresa Barboza. Whilst I was away I spent a lot of time sketching my favourite buildings and patterns, so this could be a minimal way of recreating my illustrations. The image to the right is by Ehren Elizabeth Reed, I absolutely love how simple in technique this is to do and just how effective it is. Just using regular threads and a sewing needle. This could be a great way of re-creating some of my photographs from the trip, by pixalising them on Photoshop. To get a sense of the square size and range of colours needed. Over the next few days I will have a experiment with this idea to see if it would be effective for my project.

My final designer of the day is by Teresa Barbosa, however this piece is the complete opposite of her piece I have looked at above, as it is filled with colour and texture with only a small area being plain. I really love the effect of all the heavy stitch, however I feel that to might be too ambitious for this project with my 2 other subjects to complete and amount of time left until our deadline. Hopefully I will be able to find a nice balance between the 2 by having plain areas and then adding my key areas of colour through heavy hand embroidery.


Today I have spent a bit of time looking through my trip photos and sketch book to collect images from one of my favourite days in Rajasthan. The one that I have focused on happens to be our first full day of sightseeing in Jaipur. Where we:

  • Drove through the centre of the old city
  • Heading out towards the Amber area
  • Amber Fort
  • Inside exploration (patterns recurring)
  • Headed to the Anokhi museum in jeeps
  • Time around the Kheri Gate
  • Stepwell
  • Temple
  • Rush hour at home (constant tuc tuc’s running all through the night till the next journeys begin)

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 16.46.25.png

Colour Palette Ideas – Below are 2 of my colour inspirations, from the detailing on the walls to the traditional dress worn by women at the Amber Fort. To general colours from the streets that we pasted.


After carrying out a great deal of research last week, today I have began looking at potential fabric shape ideas and different examples of work. The image on the left is by Kari Steihaug and is of an exhibition called ‘Wardrobe writings’. I was originally drawn to the handing threads and this is something that has come up in my research before and an idea that I might use in my own work. Her fabric samples are in smaller rectangular shapes hung up from the ceiling. However for my final piece I think my fabric is going to have to be A3 0r A2 size. As I’m planning on drawing out my journey to screen print so with A2 or 3 would be a easy screen size to work with. The image on the right by Isabel Yellin from her collection called ‘U N T I T L E D m i a m i 2014’. I like the way that different patches of fabrics have been attached together, however I’m not sure how this would work with screen printing. I could always use a sheer fabric to show a double exposure effect in certain areas? However I do like the overall size and shape of her final outcome.

Whilst searching Pinterest for layout ideas, I also came across a few textile designers who use a few of the techniques that I wanted to include in my work. The first is the far left photo below by Ruth Singer who uses shadow embroidery, to fill in the gaps between the key outlines of shapes. The stitch technique that she has also used is so simple yet so effective. The 2 photos on the right are by Sophie Morille an ‘artist designer’. I was drawn to her delicate stitches into the printed areas and I think it would be nice for me to incorporate a few detailed stitches along side my simple in comparison shadow style embroidery.

The last designer that I came across is Izziyana Suhaimi. Like I have said before I want to include a lot of shadow embroidery along side my illustrated journey that I will be screen printing, to incorporate colour. As my plan is to just screen print in a black or navy, this mean that I can then add an array of colours through stitch. I really love the heavy stitch used in the sample below in different directions creating interesting patterns. I will definitely be including this sort of style in my final designs. bnominados-izziyanasuhaimi.jpg


Over the last day or so I have spent a bit of time drawing towards my final project. The illustration below is of the Palace of the Winds in Jaipur and is something that passed during my favourite day that I am basing my journey around. However the problem with my illustration below is that, I have drawn the lines so thin, that it hasn’t imaged traced very well at all. This is something that I really need to bare in mind over the next week to make sure that I draw images that can be converted digitally easily to stop delaying time.


Over the last day or so I have been trying to illustrate my chosen journey, however during breaks from drawing I have spent time looking online for different stitch techniques that I could use to fill in the gaps between drawings. The two that I have found below are quite simple, which will be great in parts as hand embroidery can be very time consuming especially on a short deadline with other work to be doing along side. The embroidery on the left is by Sashiko, I really like the simple effect that the crosses give without being too complicated or overpowering. The image on the right is by Kate Wells, I also really like the idea of stitching rows of small lines as it is also a really quick way of filling in space, I could also have a gradient of colour running through my lines to create a pattern through colour?  Rather than just through complicated patterns.


Today I have spent a bit of time Lino printing with my 2 motifs that I cut over the Christmas holidays. After not looking at them for so long it was nice to revisit them, below are a few of my experiments. I am really happy with the way that flower has come out on the left, as I chose this as a key motif as it was a design that I saw commonly whist in Rajasthan, used in a variety of places in different scales. I am hoping to design these motifs into my design. Maybe running throughout to show the repetition? The blue and green Lino print at the bottom is by Folksy, I was really drawn to the layering and use of colour. This might be fun to play with, as I am planning on screen printing my main illustrations in black onto white fabric. I was then hoping to add in my colour platte through stitch, however adding a bit of colour through elements of my Lino prints. I have recently ordered a pack of Lino inks full of different colours, so over the weekend I might have a ago to see how they look.



This evening I have spent a great deal of time drawing out iconic points of interest from my chosen journey day. My plan is to hand draw them all, before scanning them into illustrate to live image trace them. I really want to have a hand made feel to my final piece, as that represents India to me.


After completing of my illustrations last night, this afternoon I have spent time live image tracing them all on Illustrator. I have now began the hard task of deciding scale and layout of my journey. Below are some screen grabs from different stages of my layout development. I want the layout to look full but at the sometime not overpowering, as I need to leave areas free for my coloured stitch.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 17.01.45

GROUND – 19/05/2016

Today I finally exposed my final background design on a screen and got the chance to print. I am so happy that I got the chance to screen print it today, as it means that I have a week to fill in all of the white gaps between my illustrations with heavy embroidery. My next tasks are to finalise my colour palette and to draw out my stitch ideas so that I can see where I need to stitch what and where.


STITCH PROGRESSION – 20/05/2016 – 27/05/2016

Over the last week I have just be adding to my Jaipur Journey hanging, adding colour through embroidery. I am really happy with my progression and can’t to keep adding to it over the weekend ready to mount for Tuesday’s hand-in.



After a productive week of sewing, this weekend I only needed to fill in a few gaps to complete my hanging. I am really happy with my progression and how it looks, all I need to do now is to cut my A1 window mount and to steam my final piece. Below is a working image of my final piece from this afternoon. FullSizeRender-3.jpg


After a busy few days, I have finally completed my ‘Jaipur Journey’ final wall picture. I am really happy with my final outcome for the module, as it’s something that I will be able to keep to remember the trip and my favourite day.



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