Creating Your Future, Part 2 – Melaneia Warwick

Today we carried out our last training session with Melaneia Warwick, a PHD Staff member at the university. This sessions aim was to teach us all about the importance of SMART objectives, using the VARK teaching methods effectively, as well as how to create a successful presentation. One of the key things that I have learnt is that creating a presentation for out tutors and creating one for our workshop groups is very different. We began the session by learning about SMART objectives and the meanings behind each of the letters. Below is what I have learnt:

  • Specific

This should point should answer the 5 ‘W‘ questions, Who is involved? What do I want to accomplish? Where will be carried out? When will this be done? Which – identify the requirements. Why will they be carrying out the task?

  • Measurable

How much needs to be completed? (Quantity of work/ how many?)

  • Achievable

How realistic is the task? How can it be completed in a certain amount of time?

  • Realistic

Can it be done? Does the task seem worthwhile? Will it relate to other activities?

  • Timed

It there enough time to complete the task? Allow enough time to run over as it will usually take longer.

Learning a bit more about VARK this week, after having a brief introduction last week was great. As it gave me the chance to reflect and think of new ways to involve different types of learners. Our main task for the afternoon was to create a 5 minute presentation to the group in our subject pairs, about what makes a good facilitator. At first I was very apprehensive about the task, however after speaking to Melaneia she reassured me and helped to guide us in a good direction. We began the task by making a couple of objectives for the presentation and then started to write whats important to us in a facilitator. We now need to try and include all of these points into our own 2 hour workshop, make sure that we appeal to everyone and have a successful workshop session.



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