Buddy System – Week 1

This week was the start of the 2 week buddy system, where we are paired up with a 3rd year to help them in the final 2 weeks before the final degree show deadline. Our aim is to help the 3rd years with their show preparation to ease stress. To begin I was a bit skeptical about taking 2 weeks out from my own projects to help, however I have so far found the system very rewarding and so helpful that will hopefully be usual when it comes to planning my own show.

Monday 25th – Overall I have found today rather interesting, as I have been able to speak to the 3rd years, to get a sense of what is required for their final collections. Level 5 began the day by, clearing both the main textiles studio, along with the level 6 studio ready for the boards to be filled, sanded and then painted. The day was pretty long with loads of tasks to be completed, however we all worked well together to get it all done.

Tuesday 26th – Today’s main task was sort out my buddy Clojo’s exhibition space, which was luckily in really good condition and required minimal amount of cleaning and touching up with filler. Today has really made me realise, how prepared we need to be as 3rd years for the buddy system and the importance of having all of the equipment needed to completed the board ready on the day. As a few of the girls around me, hadn’t been given anything by their buddies and then had to try and borrow equipment off of everyone else. Next year I am going to make sure that I am prepared with the equipment below:

  • Tube of filler
  • Scraper
  • Sand paper + handle
  • Gum tape
  • Water Cup
  • Smaller paint brush
  • Roller + Tray
  • Masking Tape
  • Cloth for the floor
  • Carrier Bag for the Brushes + Solution to clean them.

Wednesday 27th – After completing  my buddies exhibition space yesterday, today we began by framing all 12 of Clojo’s, which didn’t take us too long between the 2 of us. The main issue being, trying to stretch the fabric so that there weren’t any obvious creases. I then spent the afternoon cutting and folding 20 headers, ready to begin attaching them to the finished croquis’ tomorrow. After spending ages cutting out the headers, it has made me really undecided about what to do next year for my samples and whether or not to buy pre made headers?

Thursday 28th – Today I began by spending time looking through Clojo’s samples for any remaining lines of blue dissolvable pen,that I had to then add water to using a small painting brush. This task surprisingly took a long time and would have eaten into a a chunk of Clojo’s time that is better spent finishing her products. Tasks like these have really made me see the importance of having a 2nd year buddy on hand to help, as it allows the 3rd years to get on with important tasks. Having 2nd years rather than 1st years is also very beneficial that we can see first hand the workload that we will be faced with next year and begin to plan what we might like in our final collections. We then began the hard task of hanging the 12 frames, which took a bit of time to sort out the maths behind. However they surprisingly came out better than we originally expected, although a few do need readjusting due to being slightly out of line. (2nd photo from the left)  I then spent the afternoon sanding down a table ready to painted tomorrow.

Friday 29th – I began the day by painting the table for Clojo which only took me just over an hour. I then started to help tie and trim the threads on the headers, ready to attach Clojo’s company stickers on the front. During this afternoon we then began to decide the layout of the overall show and where she wants to place her furniture, to decide where we wanted the attaching her rail. This process has made me realise how important it will be to pre plan what furniture with measurements I will be having in my final show, to insure that I get allocated a good sized space for all of my work. As well as if I need close connection to plug, as Clojo needs an extension cord that will run along the side wall. The far right photo below, is what the space looked like yesterday when I left for the day. Overall I am so happy with how much Clojo and myself have achieved over the past week and it has really made me see the importance of having a plan for your buddy, as I knew what tasks we would be carrying out each week.

After dreading the week to begin I have actually I such a rewarding week, getting to know Clojo and helping with her final show. I feel really fortunate to have been paired with someone whose work style is very similar to mine, meaning that we have just got on so easily. Clojo has also been so opening and helpful about sharing her experience of 3rd year with myself. I have learnt to much in preparation for next year and am looking forward to next week and seeing the final show put up.


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