Buddy System – Week 2

Tuesday 3rd / Wednesday 4th – After a busy week last week sorting out Clojo’s exhibition space, this week has been pretty relaxed. Last week we got the main bulk of the work done, with only a few tasks to complete this week. From sticking the information stickers on the back of the headers, to straightening the frames, to finally helping with small decorative tasks. Clojo has been so relaxed over the last few days which has been so nice and it’s the position that I’d like to be in next year. This week I have really began to think about what I want in my exhibition space. The studio is full of different rails, hangers and headers and over the next few days I’d like to find the right ones for me. After speaking to different 3rd years I am hoping to create a list of different suppliers that they have used. My plan is to hopefully start to buy stuff for my exhibition throughout the year to keep the final end cost to a minimum at the end. So that I’m not spending out at once, especially if I want to go new designers.

Thursday 5th – After a calm morning of just sorting bits and bobs out and thinking Clojo’s exhibition was complete, we spent the afternoon waiting for Keireine and Helen to come round and discuss Clojo’s show. Turned out they had a proposition for Clojo, which was the  opportunity to move her show to the large wall on the outside of the 3rd year studio in the heart space. After a bit of discussion Clojo decided to take the opportunity, which is amazing! We then began to look at the new wall and condition and began to clean it off with hot soapy water ready to meet and begin setting up in the morning.

Friday 6th – Yesterday we agreed to meet Steve at 9am, so that we could help us decide the new layout and positioning of the frames. After a lot of measuring we managed to get the frames as perfect as we could, the whole exhibition looks so much better in it’s new position and really showcases the work better. I can’t imagine it fitting back into the original space now. I have really enjoyed the last 2 weeks working with Clojo and think that it has been a great experience. Just having the chance to be apart of the process this year, will hopefully make next year that bit easier. The buddy system is great, but I think is only really successful if you put effort into it, the more you put in the bigger the rewards. I really hope that next year I am paired with a Buddy, who has the same ideals as me and wants to get involved. The buddy pairing has also most importantly has allowed me to get to know not only my buddy, but other 3rd years that I will hopefully be able to stay in contact with.



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