Natural Dye Garden Workshop #2

This afternoon we had our 2nd dye garden meeting to see the allocated space and to generate initial ideas to work on over the next month. As the last few weeks have been pretty hectic, it’s been great to be refreshed with the natural dye garden workshop and it’s plans. We spent the first part of the afternoon split into 3 groups to come up with different plans for the garden, from:

  • Ideas of how to generate more money, through applying for grants
  • How to promote the garden across the university and in the surrounding area
  • Initial raised planter ideas – using recycled projects to make up example raised beds.
  • What skills we can all bring to the project

Once we had finished writing down our ideas in groups, we then all had the chance to share and discuss our different ideas to create a list of our most favourite. We then created a rough plan of what we want to achieve before our next meeting in a months time, where we hope to be at the position to make our first part of the garden.

The second part of the afternoon was dedicated guest speaker Lucille Junkere a textile artist, who is passionate about Indigo dyeing. Over the years she has been on research trips and been an artist in residence, as well as practising artist. During the talk Lucille spent a great deal of time discussing her practise and the different opportunities that have arisen from applying for grants.

One of her key projects that she told us about the time she spent in Barbados working with a community college to create a natural dye garden for indigo plants. She told us all about the history of indigo dyeing and plant growing and it’s effect on the area. Her talk was so interesting and inspired me to want to know more about not only different dye processes but also the origins and history over time.


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