Updated Subject Project


After spending my time focused on my 2 field modules and the buddy system, I have now began to start looking at my work to improve certain areas. During my tutorial with Sally, I made a list of things to improve on including:

  • Learning how to do a CAD Visual properly and find a interior scene that I can photoshop my designs onto.
  • Completing 2 professional standard hand-rendered Croquis’.
  • Further 3 of my final designs in the workshops (Add stitch, foil. Maybe create a border design? Have an experiment with using one of my paler colours, to then enhance using a bold colour?)

To begin my project revisit I have spent a bit of time looking back at my original interior inspirations, along with looking back at my chosen company Caitlin Wilson Textiles. When looking back at my final collection, I don’t feel as if I have followed her style of design as much as I could have. I think I need to simplify some of my motifs that I have used in order to then create some more creative layouts.

ARTIST RESEARCH – 14.05.2016

After spending time deciding what I’d like to improve on, I have started off by doing some more artist research in order to see different layout options that I could use to improve my current collection of prints. The image below is called ‘Retro Garden Wall’ by Lucy Elizabeth. I really love how illustrative and how simple the design is, however it looks to full and vibrant. As soon as I saw this image I thought up different ideas as to how to could achieve the same kind of feel. I really like the idea of creating my own version similar in style mixing both my architecture drawings along side the iconic dutch tulips.


Another image that I have found inspiring hows a textile collection by Orla Kiely. As you can see from the image below, it shows a collection of work showing complimentary and contrasting prints and how they can be worked on to sit well together. When we were initially faced with the task of designing 12 designs for our collection, I was overwhelmed as I just didn’t want them all to look too familiar. Over the next few weeks I really need to work on my complimentary designs to create something that would work well with my bright prints. 80a2c18aa950cc3c41370a5cb7feaae2.jpg

COLLECTION RE-DESIGN #1 – 19.05.2016

After completing some more artist research over the last few days, I have now began to re-design my existing collection. Even at our initial hand in I really wasn’t happy with my final 12 designs, so I have spent sometime redesigning my previous prints to create a collection that is more in keeping with my WSGN Off Beat theme, along with my chosen company Caitlin Wilson Designs. Below is a montage of my 2 styles to follow on the left to my illustration progression to date on the right. Over the next few days I am hoping to continue working on my collection, whilst finishing off parts of my two field modules.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 01.20.50.png

COLLECTION RE-DEISGN #2 – 20.05.2016

After starting my redesign a few days ago, I have finally finalised my 12 designs which I will be resubmitting for subject part 3. As you can see from my old collection below I have kept my motifs mostly the same, only making changes to scale, colour and layout. My feedback from last term suggested that I made changes to a few of my designs and enhance with foil to add a fun edge, which is also used by my chosen company.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 00.43.55.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.37.52

CAD VISUALS #1 – 22.05.2016

After a terrible attempt at CAD Visuals last term, I am determined to get to grips with how to create a successful CAD. Below are some photographs from my experiment, I am happy with the photoshops that I have learnt through the progress. However I am not happy with the standard as my patterns look very bright and pixelated. A few of the Textiles girls have posted good online CAD tutorials which I am planning on watching before having another.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 23.59.31.png

CAD VISUALS #2 – 23.05.2016

After spending a great deal of time playing around on photoshop I am actually really happy with my CAD Visuals that I have achieved, especially having no idea how to do it a few days ago. The image on the top right is what I started off doing this morning, however the colours just stand out too much and my designs aren’t really working well with the interior. I am actually really happy with the image on the left, as I have managed to overlay my prints over the sofa really well without the colour looking to bold. I am planning on using it as my final CAD Visual to be mounted and exhibited with my  collection. Having learnt so much over the last couple of days, I really hope that I can continue to use photoshop and illustrator over the summer months to keep up the skills that I have learnt ready for next years projects.

PRINT WORKSHOP #1 – 24.05.2016

After spending time redesigning, I decided that I just wasn’t happy with my final workshop samples. As towards the end of last term, the foils had run out and my screen didn’t expose properly leaving some of my prints with speckles. Tomorrow I am planning on exposing my screen ready to print all of my samples again on Thursday during the Level 5 workshop session.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 13.33.01.png


Below is a slideshow showing my 6 improved digital designs, as well my 2 alternative colour ways. I am going to get them all printing out in A4 at the print studio on a ‘silk card’, ready to cut down to my 20×20 croquis’ size.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PRINT WORKSHOP #2 – 26.05.2016

Today I have managed to print 4 out of my 6 final fabric samples, which is great only leaving me 2 more to screen print tomorrow. Unfortunately 2 of my designs didn’t expose well, with the lines being too thin, however this afternoon I managed to strip, re-coat and expose my screen ready to print tomorrow. My original plan was to use gold foils, but unfortunately the gold had ran out so I’ve had to go with silver. Although the silver works just as well as the gold would have. My plan tomorrow after printing my 2 final patterns is to cut all of my samples down to 20x20cm’ ready to add headers and labels. I would also like to get a large chunk of sewing done for my Rajasthan field module.

PRINT WORKSHOP #3 – 27.05.2016

Today I have finally finished my my 6 samples, after reprinting them all. I am overall all happier with the way they have turned out and are most definitely an improvement on my original samples. Below are a few photographs from my print session today, along with a photograph showing my 6 final samples before I trim and add headers to them this afternoon.



Over the last day I have spent a great deal of time, cutting, overlocking and labelling all of my work ready for Tuesday’s deadline. After working with the 3rd years, I have learnt so much about professional practise and how to present my work to make it look as good as it possibly can. For example last year I just used magic tape and pinking sheers to trim my fabric samples. However this year I have gone with a overlocked finish with stitched headers like the 3rd years have. Unlike last year I have also digitally printed out my labels for my final collection, really finishing off the collection to a higher standard.


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