Year 2 – Field Projects Summative Blog

Overall I have really enjoyed this years field options, as they have really given me the opportunity to learn so many new skills and experience so many new things. I feel really lucky to have be given the opportunity to go on both the Rajasthan and Morocco trips, as they have most definitely been my University highlights to date. I have not only learnt so much about myself a designer, but have had the chance to make so many new friends from across the school. Giving me the chance to learn so much about different subject areas and the way they work. Working in interdisciplinary groups has also been great, as it has given me so many new ideas of how to experiment more using my subject area of textiles. I have made friends with Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Ceramists and it’s been great to be able to bounce different ideas off of one another.

One of the great things about having the two projects to work on whilst we were away, is that we could sketch and write down key bits of inspiration throughout allowing us to develop our project ideas. Both of the projects have most definitely affected my direction of study as I have become so much more interested in the meanings behind prints and the history behind technical processes I am using in Textiles. Having the opportunity, as a Textiles student to visit the iconic region Rajasthan was just amazing, as so many of the products we buy here and patterns we use originate from the area. I was just fascinated everyday by patterns and colours all across the cities we visited. Having the chance to visit artisans whilst in India was also an experience that I will always remember, as we got to meet 3rd and 4th generation makers who are filled with so much knowledge and skill. This has really inspired me to want to work in a hands on way wherever possible from stitch to different printing techniques. I really believe that these are so important to learn in order to share with others, as we live in such a digital age of mass production.

The Morocco field module was also great as it gave me the chance to visit a different culture altogether and the chance to observe another way of life from my own and what I had seen whilst in India. Getting to wonder around the vibrant city of Marrakech was excellent as we had so much time to explore at our own pace. Since returning I have become really interested in Islamic art and architecture, was it was most definitely one of my trip highlights along side the Majorelle Gardens.

Getting to see craftspeople work during both trips, has influenced me so much that I am going to be basing my level 6 dissertation on the traditional printing techniques, used in the areas of Rajasthan we visited and how they are being preserved in the modern world. Field has most definitely changed the way I will work as a designer, as I have been able to see first hand the struggles that the textile industry has on the workers and the environment. This will most definitely always be on my mind whilst designing and experimenting. The field modules for me personally have just great and will always stick with me and will be something that I will tell people about for years and years to come. Just having the break from our subject area to work multi disciplinary has been so educational.


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