Year 2 – Subject Summative Blog

Overall I have really enjoyed subject this year and I feel as if I have a learnt a lot about new printing and stitch techniques, to good professional practise skills to most importantly learning a lot and about myself. Our ‘Making Connections’ project has been a great opportunity to see what it would be like designing for a existing company and what it’s like to design to the companies way. This will hopefully have prepared us Β  ready for our live consultancy project at the start of 3rd year.

First term was definitely a step up from the end of 1st term as we were, given the brief to research into stationery, fashion and interiors to choose our favourite. We then had to choose a client company to work for, to prepare us for a design jobs outside of university. I really enjoyed the whole research side to part 1 from finding a trend on WGSN to design for, to then looking at our competitors and cliental. Being given the task to create 4 professional mood boards was also great, as I have not put together a proper mood board since my foundation year. Spending the time researching competitors and our potential cliental has been so beneficial especially for next year and I feel that my research skills will hopefully only improve. My chosen client company was Caitlin Wilson Textiles ran by an American textile designer, who set up her own company aimed at the interiors market. Writing our own brief was a bit of a task as I am used to being given a project title or template, however in the end I really enjoyed the freedom of deciding what I’d like to do. I suppose that this is a bit of an insight into what being a self employed designer might be like.

Returning back to the part 2 of the project and my brief in February was a bit daunting to begin. After spending 10 weeks in total on field and 4 weeks away over the Christmas holiday, I was overwhelmed especially after reading the ‘Making Connections’ brief to see what was expected of us over during part 2. However after spending a bit of time familiarising myself I got straight back into the swing of things again. Having the opportunity to use both the stitch and print workshops has been great, as I haven’t felt that I can’t swap between the two as and when I’d like. Being given the task of creating a collection of 12 samples including print, stitch and digital again was daunting as I have been used to only creating a few designs that link together and not a solid collection. Nonetheless as the weeks went by and with regular tutorials I managed to stay up to date with my work. By the end of the part 2 I’d say that I was relatively happy with my collection, however I personally felt that there was areas that definitely in my eyes needed improvement during part 3. Especially with different printing techniques not being available to use towards the end of the term.

To begin part 3 after the Easter holidays we had our formative feedback tutorials, to not only see what grade we are currently working towards, but what we needed to improve on over the final term ready for our final summative feedback and exhibition. Β Overall I was really surprised with my feedback as I did better than I expected, however I talked through with Sally as to what areas I would add and develop to. After a week or so back we were then starting the Buddy System with the 3rd years. After initially being very unsure about the system, I was pleasantly surprised to have really enjoyed the 2 weeks. My buddy Clojo was just so lovely and a real pleasure to work along side. I most definitely feel as if I am in a better position for next year’s final project as seeing the 3rd years work has made me decided what exhibition layouts I do and don’t like. Along with what methods of presenting my work I really like. Once the Buddy System was over I then began to focus my time back to subject and my feedback comments to work on different aspects that needed improvement.

Once the buddy system ended I went straight back to my subject collection, to look at my formative feedback to see what areas I needed to work on. With the amount of time left before our deadline, I decided just to redesign the whole collection using my original motifs by playing with colour, scale and different layout options. I am feeling so much better about my final 12 designs now, as I feel hat they work more collaboratively together unlike before. I have learnt so much about what to and not to do when designing a collection, and feel so much more confident about creating our large final collection for next year. My plan over the summer is to continue drawing and designing to not loose vital photoshop and illustrator skills ready for next year.


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