Year 2 – Subject & Field Summative Blog

Field this year has been an incredible experience, as I have had the chance to travel to both Rajasthan and Morocco. Picking to go on these trips is definitely one of the best decisions I have made, as they have taught me so much about myself as a designer and so many new ways to work in my subject area of Textiles. I still feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity, especially as in India we spent so much time visiting print workshops to see the processes behind the fabrics being made to getting to have ago at block printing in the Anokhi museum. Pretty much everything we did related back to Textiles and I have been so influenced by so many different aspects of the trip. From traditional prints, different print and dye processes used, architecture, to environment factors. Since returning I decided to base my dissertation around traditional processes and prints and how they have changed over time during industrialisation for a modern market. Prior to this trip I was absolutely clueless about what to base it around, and I am just so happy that I have found an area that I am passionate about, will be for years to come.

The Morocco trip as also been a excellent inspiration for my textiles work, as whilst we were away I had the opportunity to see craftspeople working in the souks, making items by hand and on basic machines. It has really made me realise how much we depend on technology in the west, and it’s so sad that traditional hand crafts aren’t being used as much. This had most definitely inspired me to make the most of our screen printing facilities, to become very familiar with different methods. I like usually digital methods, however I feel as if they need to be enhanced through the use of stitch or specialist printing methods like flock or foil. I am really looking forward to furthering the different techniques that I gave learn throughout the year in both of my field modules, onto next years final projects. During the summer I want to get better at block and lino cutting, painting and hand embroidery, as I feel like these hand done techniques can really enhance my work to give a bit more texture, as well as skill.


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