Consultancy Project – Visit to International Greetings

Today we went in our visit to the International Greetings Studios to meet Sarah who’s head of our consultancy module along with her team to find out more about our brief and what is expected of us throughout the term. We were initially greeted then given a welcome talk about the company and who they design for and the different types of design they create for different markets around the world. Sarah really helped to answer the questions I have initially been worrying about. Reassuring us that she’s not looking for us to be experts in commercial design and that the brief is for us to have fun and design experimenting with out skill strengths from workshops that we enjoy the most, instead of just using digital methods such as photoshop and illustrator. Throughout I began to make a list of different techniques that I’d like to maybe have ago at using:

  • Hand embroidery
  • Lino cutting – block printing
  • Free hand machine embroidery
  • Laser cutting
  • Screen printing

Sarah also mentioned some other things that we should consider, including:

  • Not spending too much time on our mood boards, she sometimes only gives her team half a day
  • Spend time on our sketchbooks, they are key in the design process as they show our progression
  • Playing with scale, it can completely chance a motif using it at different sizes
  • Important to understand the project and what is expected of us, however not to do what we think Sarah wants us to. She is looking for something unique and out of the box.
  • Remember that less is more at times – consider this when choosing colour palette and images.
  • Most importantly to stay open minded throughout as we could be inspired half way through.

I have found the information above so helpful and reassuring, which has left me feeling positive about the project. Our tour around the studios was just amazing, I absolutely loved getting to see the different teams at work, especially the design team and seeing how they prototype an idea from the start. After feeling unsure what what I’d like to do after university, I really like the idea of working in a design studio as I just love the idea of working with a team to design commercially. The trip has definitely left me feeling very excited to properly start my project and I am looking forward to meeting up with Sarah and her team again to get advice and guidance from them.


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