WGSN Trend Research

After our trip and beginning my artist/designer research I have finally began to pick my favourite WGSN trends in order to choose the one that I will be basing my final card collection around. Below are the final trends that I have picked out to select from:


Below is the trend encounter culture, which is a stationery trend, I was originally drawn to the bright colours and use of foliage, however I felt it was a bit to much for a card collection and would probably be better suited to create wrapping papers out of. It also had a very graphic digital feel which is far from my ideas as I’d like to create something handmade with an artisan feel, however I will probably take a bit of inspiration from the trend.


The second trend that I like is Kinship based on cultural encounters incorporating stitch and texture. This trend would work really well with my ideas as I want to base my card collection around my travels, however I’m just insure of the colour palette 100% and maybe isn’t as bold a I’d pictured my collection to be. Although the stitch element is something that I want to use.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 15.11.17.png


The 3rd and final trend that I have shortlisted is Kinship Biker Bandits aimed at women and young women who are my preferred target market. I was instantly drawn to this Print and Graphic trend due to the bold background layered with bold motifs. However I don’t think I’d stick to the exact colour trend and would use colours from my trip images but really like the idea of using black as a background to tie the theme together. The theme is biker bandits and the area I visited in Vietnam is well known for Mopeds, so it might be nice to design my biker bandits trend around what a youngish female traveller might like? Instead of creating a 2D mass produced card collection, I would like to create something a but more hand made with an artisan feel that can be kept as a gift along with being a card. Over the next few days I want to start looking at ways that I can bring my idea to life using stitch, fabric and potentially block printing to give it a real hand made feel.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 14.55.56.png


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