Repeat Printing Workshop

During todays workshop session we were given a repeat printing demonstration by Steve, to give us a general idea the processes and requirements for the technique. Repeat printing is something that I’d definitely like to improve at ready for our field module. The process began by first mixing up a glue that you spread all over the printing tables, so that when the fabric is ironed down it creates a adhesive to make sure that you get a crisp print. Β Steve then went on to show us how to measure out our repeat print by attaching markers along the printing bar. Having screen printed for a few years at uni Β and whilst on foundation, it is really nice to now know how to print to a professional level using all of the anchor points properly. Something else that really interested me was the amount of measuring that goes into trying to get a perfect screen that isn’t wonky. From initially drawing out the position of the print central on the screen to adding the registration markers. I am really looking forward to experimenting with repeat patterns over the term ready for next year.


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