Summer Holidays

As I was unfortunately not able to go on the London trip today, I have decided to reflect back on some of my trips and days out that I went on during the summer holidays. To see if any of the exhibitions I visited would be relevant in anyway to my current consultancy project.

LONDON TRIP, JUNE – At the start of the holidays I went to London for the day, I started off by heading to the New Designers 2016 exhibition, which was fantastic. It was just so great to see the new designs and concepts that the graduates had come up with, but at the same time slightly daunting to see what work I will be producing over the next year at this professional level. Below are a few of my favourite display ideas and designs. New Designers is an exhibition that I’d definitely like to be involved in next year as it is such a good opportunity to get your work seen by a variety of people in and out of the industry.

Once we had finished at New Designers, we then headed to the Fashion & Textile Museum to visit the Missoni Art Colour Exhibition. I really enjoyed having a look at the history of the Missoni fashion label and getting to see a large variety of samples archives. Although my main disciplines are print and stitch at University, I am still very inspired by Missoni’ use of bold colours together to get the perfect combination at works better together. Colour palette selection is something that I need to work at still. After the exhibition we then headed to Notting Hill to have a look around the independent stores and at the Friday street market. Whilst in some of the shops, I got the chance to look at unique hand made products that got me thinking about our consultancy and field projects. Finally we headed to the V&A Museum to see the Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear Exhibition. Although not immediately related to any of my projects, I had a great time looking around.

HONG KONG, JULY – At the start of July I flew out to one of my favourite cities, Hong Kong with friends for 3 weeks. With this being my 3rd trip to Hong Kong, I have been to a majority of the main tourists attractions before, so I set out with the intention to do a sketch a day while I was away, along with looking for more information into the traditional architecture and culture.

One of the things that I really love about Hong Kong is the mixture of old and new, with traditional Chinese and old Colonial building scattered all over the city concealed between modern skyscrapers. Below are a selection of my sketch a day images, the intention behind them was to not only keep drawing throughout the summer ready for the start of 3rd year, but to have a visual sketchbook from my trip that I can always use as first hand research or inspiration for a later project. screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-42-00screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-41-47

With Hong Kong’s main Art & Design Museum being closed for renovation, I wanted decided to visit the History Museum in search of traditional costume and prints. Below are a few of my favourite images. The thing I’m most drawn to is the use of thick embroidery, especially when its layered over bold colours. Traditional Chinese textiles is something that I’d like to look into more to understand the meanings behind particular motifs and colour.

TYNTESFIELD, SEPTEMBER – During the summer, myself and a couple friends bought National Trust Memberships. With being from Somerset, a county known for farming there are a lot of large houses and gardens now being ran by the National Trust. One of the trips we made was to the Tyntesfield estate in North Somerset. What I love about visiting these places are the ornate detailing inside the houses inspired by the original owners trips abroad, along with the kept flower gardens. Below are a few images from the gardens at Tyntesfield that were just great, my plan is also to keep drawing and painting from images from trips like these to improve my skills.

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM, SEPTEMBER -To end the summer I flew out to Ho Chi Minh City in the South of Vietnam on holiday. Having visited Thailand before and not Vietnam I was interested to see the similarities and differences. From day one I was just fascinated by their busy way from life moped’ing all day around the city. Similar to my trip to Hong Kong, I wanted to get the most of my trip by sketching, painting and visiting museums and monuments. Whilst I was there I had the chance to visit the Museum of Fine Art which housed a large selection of pre and post war artwork, along with a small watercolour exhibition at the La Saigonais cafe/shop. Below are a few photographs that I posted on my philipparenshawdesign Instagram page. Also whilst I was away I tried to sketch throughout the trip, again to have a visual book full of images that I will hopefully be able to take inspiration from for this consultancy project. screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-11-31-41



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