Final Collection Concept Development

During todays studio workshop we were asked to get into groups of 4 with people who’s ideas we didn’t know and to explain our chosen brief and project ideas. At first I just wanted to get on with my research instead, however the task was actually really beneficial to me. As we went round one by one explaining our ideas and inspirations it got me thinking more and more about my concept and what I add to it. When it got round to me, the girls were really helpful and gave me so many different things to consider in my designs. These are some of the points that I made during the group chat:

  • Using recycled paper
  • Adding Lino Print Elements
  • Hand Embroidery on Felt?
  • Either has a detachable element on the front or can be framed
  • Message on the back to promote recycling or re-using
  • Inspired by my travels to Vietnam (Colour, pattern motifs)
  • Had an envelope inside that you put a business style card in with your note? (Could be re-used as it wouldn’t have been written in)
  • Inspired by the KINSHIP Biker bandits trend
  • Using felt as a background? Gives texture also and is thick enough to stitch into
  • Idea of layering felt? To create an pattern? (Scandi style)
  • Laser cut sleeve over the top that related to a greeting, so that it’s not specific) (or stitchers you choose to attach – Thank You, Good Luck, Congrats?)


After a bit of research into different trends on WSGN I finally decided to go with the S/S’18 Print & Graphics trend Kinship, Biker Bandits. Aimed at women and young women. After a lot of deliberation I decided to go with this trend in particular as it’s completely different to anything I’ve done and thought it would be fun to bring a graphic trend into something a bit more tactile. Instead of using the motifs featured below I will use drawings inspired by my trip to Vietnam along with my colour palette. However I am at the moment thinking of using black as a background to keep with the biker theme. Over the next week my plan is to get drawing from my trip images to find some motifs that could be recreated in print or stitch.



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