Mood Board Development 1

Since I properly decided the trend and concept that I will be designing my card collection around, I have began to look at my target market, theme, competitors and colours. As you can see from my images below I have began to write out whats relevant to my project.

After my mind maps I then went onto to look online for relevant imagery. My target market is aimed at the 20s-30s market (young women + women like on the trend) with a professional job who have a bit more of a disposable income and will pay more for artisan products. Below are a few of the images that I have began gather for my Client mood board.Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 15.45.36.png

Sorting out images for my theme has been surprising hard, as I need to cut down to the most relevant that will portray my direction well. Picking the right images from my trip to Vietnam is also key as they need to tie in with the rest of my theme research. Below are a few images that I have gathered to date, I now need to put together my colour palette using these as inspiration. The images all vary with some of traditional dress, street scenes to finally patterns that I have spotted around the city.

I now need to look into my competitors, colour and theme boards ready to start putting together towards the end of this week. With going to South Korea on Sunday, I am feeling the pressure, as I want to get as much work done as possible to a high standard so that I won’t feel really behind when I return back.


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